• Q-Bo By far the most advanced and most effective laser system for permanent hair removal.

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The areas of application of Q-bo

Q-bo RF-System

Capactive Radiofrequency equipped with highly efficient small monopolar and bipolar transducers-completely made in Italy.

The need for a small radiofrequency equipment- a compact,light , ergonomic device, equipped with small and highly efficient handpieces and intended for face treatment- led Mantis to study and design a radiofrequency device called Q-bo RF SYSTEM.

Mantis first patented a special type of handpieces for the output of capacitive radiofrequency. Thanks to their highly efficient transducers, these handpieces can operate within an optimal range for face and body treatment, from 400 to 800kHz. They also use very low power and voltage settings, in compliance with the safety standards pursuant to Interministerial regulation no. 110 dated 12 May 2011 regarding the beauty industry.

Thanks to the attention given to its design, the equipment can be employed in four different positions which perfectly adapt to the operator’s various procedures and to the environment. 

The handpiece bipolar transducers have a minimum diameter of 5 mm. This means reduced power and voltage settings, which enabled the design of a device of limited size and low consumption, yet characterized by a high quality graphic interface thanks to its 7” colour display.

The above-mentioned features make the handpieces an optimal tool for the treatment of the face and of small body areas such as eye and lip contour and small wrinkles. 

The equipment can be employed with an optional handpiece, superficially designed for the body. The handpiece can be used either in monopolar or bipolar mode and has a useful surface of 32 cm2.

The equipment is provided with stereophonic sound to enable the client to listen to their uploaded music, thus making the treatment more relaxing. A USB port is also supplied, thereby allowing any type of diagnosis and/or remote update through the internet with undeniable advantages for technical assistance. The USB port can also be used to connect external devices.


The advantages of Q-bo


Q-bo is fast, convenient and also extremely economical.

Das MANTIS Q-bo is the gentlest and most efficient solution for permanent hair removal .

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